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I’ve been training with Marcelo now for 2 years+ and every session he makes learning exciting and gives an amazing workout. You will feel more confidence in yourself and that will translate not only in training but your everyday lifestyle. I highly recommend Viver MMA.

Brian Thesilmond/ Certified Personal Trainer / Owner 

As a 40-something woman I was very hesitant to start  jiu jitsu, but I wanted to try something outside my comfort zone. BJJ is such an incredible and unique sport and with the right coach and teammates it can help build you mentally, physically and emotionally and that is what you will find at Viver MMA. The right academy and coach becomes a family that pushes you to be your best and supports you on your journey. 

And that atmosphere and spirit is driven from the top, Marcelo takes the time to understand you and your individual goals and does everything he can to ensure that you meet them. His goal is to help you be the best you and get better each time you are on the mats.

Peggy Tirrell/BJJ Enthusiast

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