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[S16E6] Lost Boys

As Kenny, Stan, Kyle, and Eric Cartman try to decide what to do on the last day of spring break, they suddenly find themselves in a unanimous agreement over a plan to try ziplining for the first time. However, the activity proves tedious, with a lot of safety briefings, small talk and very long waiting and traveling times. The boys decide to leave after the first descent, after which they find the ziplining experience not too exciting; however, they are horrified after the tour guide tells them that there are 16 more ziplines on the tour.

[S16E6] Lost Boys

Things get worse when Cartman, loaded with fast food from the previous night as well as sugar and caffeine from drinking excessive amounts of Mountain Dew, constantly farts; instead of stopping, he goes on to drink "Double Dew" which has twice the caffeine and sugar of Mountain Dew. After being further delayed by a free lunch of wet sandwiches, the boys use twigs to form the word "HELP" on the ground and wait. Cartman gets a diarrhea attack and tries to find a restroom; Kyle tries to persuade him to use the forest as a restroom, but Cartman claims the diarrhea would attract beavers. Stan walks over to one of the employees to tell them that one of his friends has herpes as an excuse to leave the group, so, despite their enthusiasm with ziplining, the employee points to a nearby horse stable, and the boys eagerly head towards it. However, it turns out that the horses are used for a tour group as well and cannot go faster than four miles per hour. While the tour group stops for lunch, Kyle lies on a rock, weak with boredom (annoyed by the fact that tourists keep saying "to make a long story short" but is actually making it long). Stan notices a marina nearby, and so they decide to get a boat to try and escape. A viewer discretion warning appears, flashing to a live action sequence.

The power boat turns out to be slow as well (going five miles an hour), and the boys snap. Cartman is blamed for his diarrhea, everyone is trying to recall whose idea it was to go ziplining to begin with, except for Kenny, who does not care as he is apparently dying from a combination of boredom and herpes. Cartman defecates into the water; it attracts beavers, which the boys fight off offscreen. They then realize that falling asleep might result in their death, so in order to keep everyone awake, Kyle asks Cartman to share his drink (now "Diet Double Dew", which has half the caffeine and sugar of "Double Dew", equivalent to regular Mountain Dew), but he refuses to let Kenny touch it because he has herpes. Kenny eventually dies of boredom and the three boys end up contracting herpes from sharing it anyway. When Kyle and Cartman start arguing on whose idea it was to go ziplining again, Stan admits that he was the one who signed them up for the ziplining tour, in order to receive a free 5th generation iPod nano (which cannot be traded). Stan however revealed this earlier in the episode in one of the interview scenes that excessively occur throughout, although he was reluctant to tell his friends. Kyle and Cartman are outraged and they all have an emotional breakdown. Just as all hope seems lost, the boys are miraculously rescued by Mr. Hankey who takes them home. At this point, the live action sequence ends and reverts to its original animation format (however, the short interview scenes were still animated during the live action sequence).

See the mermaid escorted into Times Square and crack open the space-time continuum and secure the lost charm. Mermaid Radia also visits Ziggy the dog who delivers another lost charm to her. Then, with the help of a lovely lady, she finds the Fearless Girl statue and secures another lost charm. Merman Apex keeps a lookout from the top of a skyscraper.

Mermaid Radia goes into the enchanted forest to find the lost charm. Then she brings it to Jade the Green Tail Mermaid, whose touch starts to restabilize the charm. Radia must get the other two green tail sisters to do the same or else the charm will lose its power, and so goes the fate of the green tail mermaids.

In this episode, mermaid Radia finds the Golden Mermaid trapped on the beach. Radia uses her magical powers to return the Golden Mermaid back to her home. Then a dark charm ghost appears and reminds us that the mermaids are still in danger. Remember, in season 14 many charms were lost. The rest of the charms must be located and secured. Apex and Radia will have to visit a few friends of the mermaids to gain insight into the charms locations. Wish them luck as they persevere and find the charms!

Merman Apex is close to finding a lost charm. He visits Hank the gardener. Hank advises Apex to visit the sea lion at the end of the pier who knows where the charm is. The sea lion tells Apex the charm escaped to New Zealand. Now Apex and the mermaid Radia will have to travel there to find it. Luckily the mermaids have mer friends there who can help them. It won't be easy. A volcano is about to erupt and the mermaids are running out of time! Hopefully, the mermaid pools are still there and can protect the mermaids.

The mermaids go to New Zealand in search for the lost charm. Mermaid Cordillia and Merman Aqua are there to meet Radia and Apex. Radia gives the mermaids legs so they can run across the beach to greet them. Now the epic journey begins. The mermaids in New Zealand must travel a long way to get to the Charm Maker.

See the mermaids' villain put a dark spell on Mermaid Radia. The villain's name is INK. He is following the mermaids in hopes of stealing the charm locator that was lost many years ago. Merman Aqua and Mermaid Cordelia lead Apex and Radia through the winding path to the Charm Maker.

The dark spell wears off and Merman Vesuvius gets his tail back! Merman Apex helps him remember his mission. Mermaid Radia and friends continue swimming in the ocean. The plan is for Vesuvius to find the escape pod and retrieve the lost charm activator, then meet the mermaids at the campfire.

Apex dives through the secret portal into the unknown. Merman Vesuvius dives to the lost escape pod and finds the charm activator. Mermaid Radia and Cordelia and merman Aqua unite with Apex and unlock the Legends Portal. Apex and Vesuvius battle the villain, Ink! 041b061a72


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