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Buy Luggage Weighing Scale

Depending on the quality of the scale you choose, you should get a very accurate reading on weight, usually within a pound or two. As a general rule, try to stay a few pounds under the airline weight limit, just to further safeguard yourself from additional baggage fees.

buy luggage weighing scale


A handheld scale is the best (most accurate) way to weigh luggage. There is the option to use a bathroom scale, subtracting your weight without the suitcase from your weight while holding the suitcase, but this method is not very accurate. Not to mention you'll have to find another scale to weigh your luggage again before the return flight if you decide to pack any souvenirs. With the price averaging between $10 to $20, a luggage scale is a solid tool for even the occasional traveler.

Luggage scales usually show readings out to 0.1 of a pound or 100 grams. If used properly, any decent digital scale should show values accurately up to about 1 kilogram or 2 pounds. Therefore, if you have a limit of 50 pounds, you should stop adding weight when your scale reads 48 pounds.

The right scale depends on what you value and expect of the device. Digital scales have more bells and whistles, so if you are more technologically inclined, these scales are probably preferable. Analog-style scales, like the Samsonite Manual Scale, are simpler but bulkier. Either way, you won't sacrifice accuracy as long as you know how to use your scale.

Using this simple scale will make you avoid any excess baggage charges. Simply by lifting and hanging your luggage with the belt attached to the scale will provide you with the weight of the luggage in kg or Lb. Giving you a weight measurement to decide if you can add more to your luggage or if you need to reduce some. All this process happen in 5 seconds.

The most common limit for checked luggage is 50 lbs but Spirit and Allegiant have a 40 lb limit. Carry on luggage can also sometimes have weight restrictions particularly with budget airlines or international airlines.

You can pick a small portable luggage scales without spending a lot of money. You just hook it on to the suitcase handle, then you lift the whole thing up holding only the luggage scale. They give you an accurate reading all for the price of a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

You can most likely buy a luggage scale at the airport but then that leaves you with the problem of what to do with any excess baggage if you are overweight. Hint, put things in your jacket pockets and your purse or personal item!

The penalties for luggage that weighs more than the airline's limit can be high, which is why many passengers opt to take travel scales for their luggage to ensure they don't pack too many souvenirs on their return flight.

Toiletries, electrical goods and shoes can all add excess weight to a suitcase, and knowing the limit for both hold and hand luggage will prevent over-packing. These highly functional travel accessories ensure that you don't get stung by a surprise charge on your flights. Standard scale platforms and commercial scales are renowned for their accuracy but aren't always suitable to store at home or to take away for a weekend break or summer holiday.

Portable travel scales that clip onto the suitcase handle are often lightweight enough to be packed and taken on holiday to help the family check their bags and only pack the essentials for the journey home. Digital luggage scales offer precision measurements, while analogue luggage scales with a moving needle always work without the use of batteries.

Some handheld scales are designed so a strap simply loops around the suitcase handle and, once lifted, the weight of the suitcase can be easily read. It's possible to find designs with bonus extras like integrated tape measures and digital thermometers, providing a traveller with extra tools while on the move.

Scales come in a range of sizes and top weights. For a family that likes to travel light, 32kg limit digital handheld scales might be sufficient. While for those with more to pack a 50kg or 100lb weight limit might have a better range. Slimline scales are perfect for anyone who travels regularly for business and routinely takes hand luggage as their only bag.

Luggage scales in Ueno/Tokyo2016/7/20 21:46 Does anyone know if there are any train stations in Tokyo, or anywhere near the Ueno area, that have scales to weigh my luggage?by Jenn Jett (guest)

Re: Luggage scales in Ueno/Tokyo2016/7/21 17:38 Not sure what your situation is, but some hotels loan them out to guests or you can buy them at the larger electronics stores like Yodobashi or Bic. There are a few of those in the Tokyo/Ueno area. They're also available on Amazon Japan, which is probably a better choice than ebay if you need it anytime soon. There is also the bathroom scale method to weigh yllwsmrfrate this post as useful

Members of the Canadian and U.S. military benefit from an enhanced baggage allowance whenever they travel on a flight operated by Air Canada, Air Canada rouge or Air Canada Express. Eligible active and retired members of the Canadian and U.S. military are entitled to up to three pieces of checked baggage, each weighing up to 32 kg (70 lb) each.

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