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Buy Mailbox Lock _BEST_

There are many reasons why you may need to install a new mailbox lock. Maybe you have lost your key and do not know who has access to your mailbox, leaving you vulnerable to theft. Or, maybe your lock is sticking, hard to open, worn out or simply broken and now needs to be replaced. Whatever the reason, you can upgrade your mailbox locks with our range of replacement parts and accessories.

buy mailbox lock

Our selection of locking mailbox inserts includes a range of parts to make installation easy. Look for brass plated steel mailbox locks that include the lock and two keys, or shop options featuring a steel lock, two keys and multiple brass pins for easy application. We also carry mailbox locks with dust covers that protect internal pins and springs from exposure to outdoor conditions, including dust and moisture. That way, your keys will turn effortlessly to access your mail every time.

Ace has everything you need to upgrade your mailbox and protect your mail. Shop online to find a wide assortment of mailboxes, mailbox posts and door mail slots to find the best products for your home. Or, head to your neighborhood store to get mailbox ideas and inspiration from our helpful staff.

STOCK LOCKS, a product of CompX National, C9500. These new postal locks are for private delivery postal mailboxes only in colleges, universities, commercial buildings, mail / parcel centers. They are direct dropin replacements for original USPS locks.

The Replacement Lock and Key set should be purchased if your lock needs to be replaced due to accidental or deliberate damage. This high-security anti-pick anti-drill lock will fit any Mail Boss mailbox model.

Please indicate your model upon ordering. Indicating the model and manufacture year of your mailbox will ensure we send you the appropriate lock and cam for your mailbox model. Includes 1 laser cut flat key or round key and instructions for installation. Additional keys can be purchased.

NOTE: You must indicate your correct model through your selection, so that we can ensure you receive the correct replacement lock and matching cam. If you purchased a mailbox between 2006-2007 we no longer manufacture the lock for these mailboxes. The 12-wafer disk lock will still work for your mailbox, it will just need to be slightly augmented to accommodate the newer version of the lock. Please see the instructions on how to retro fit the mailbox here.

If you are locked out of your Mail Boss, you may elect to provide an alternative USPS shipping address that you also have access to (i.e. not your locked mailbox); though you will receive a tracking number and then will have to drill through the lock to replace it and open your box anyways. If you would prefer we FedEx it, contact us at (800) 589-7990 to provide additional payment.

Epoch Design launched the Mail Boss locking mailbox in 2006, in response to the quickly rising epidemic of mail-identity theft. The Mail Boss brand was engineered to offer a secure and affordable modern mailbox solution to stop mail thieves. The original Mail Boss quickly won over consumers and retailers alike as the postal collection industries best new product, with its architectural appeal, heavy-duty construction, innovative special security features, and Fast-Trak mounting system. Mail Boss now offers an extensive line of locking mailboxes and Mailbox accessories for a variety of applications, but all have one thing in common - purposeful design for true mail security. Whatever your needs are Mail Boss is sure to have an "Epic" solution.

Some older style mailboxes, such as the 4B+ compliant 1400 Series 4B+ Horizontal mailboxes and Vertical mailboxes, are only USPS Approved for replacement purposes. For any mailbox project that will involve U.S. Postal Service mail delivery, it is important to consult with the local Postmaster prior to ordering to make sure that it will meet with their approval.

If your existing commercial mailbox meets USPS specifications, you can have it approved by your local postmaster. We carry new USPS-approved STD-4C mailboxes for new buildings or businesses that are renovating. USPS-approved mailboxes from U.S. Mail Supply are available in a variety of styles.

The USPS has to regulate the types and styles of mailboxes allowed for residential and commercial use to prevent delays and accidents when delivering mail. US Mail Supply offers a wide variety of USPS-approved mailboxes for homes and businesses. Residential and commercial mailboxes must meet specific USPS requirements, including box size, location, mail slot dimensions (when applicable), and identification information.

**Not all mailboxes are USPS Approved for all applications! Some older style mailboxes, such as the 4B+ compliant 1400 Series 4B+ Horizontal mailboxes and Vertical mailboxes, are only USPS Approved for replacement purposes. For any mailbox project that will involve U.S. Postal Service mail delivery, it is important to consult with the local Postmaster prior to ordering to make sure that it will meet with their approval.**

Indoor mailboxes can be horizontal, vertical, or custom-made to meet your facility's needs. All indoor mailboxes have available locks and keys to protect your correspondence and prevent identity theft. US Mail Supply even has USPS-approved drop boxes for safe package and parcel delivery.

Buying and installing the right mailbox for your home or business is easy with US Mail Supply. All our mailboxes are made to USPS specifications and include easy-to-follow installation instructions to help ensure you meet all official guidelines.

Before installing a wall-mounted mailbox in your residential areas, you must check with your local post office to determine the height and position for approval. Postal carriers must be able to easily reach your mailbox from the sidewalk, your front steps, or your porch.

If you choose a mailbox with a lock, only your incoming mail will be secure as USPS workers are not allowed to take your mailbox key. This can limit the size of parcels you will be able to receive based on your mail slot size.

Cluster mailboxes and neighborhood delivery and collection box units (NDCBUs) make for easy delivery to multiple residences at once. Since NDCBUs were transitioned out in favor of cluster boxes, there are more rules about their use by the USPS. New NDCBUs cannot be purchased or installed unless it is to replace an existing or damaged unit.

Cluster mailboxes from US Mail Supply are USPS approved and include a host of security features. Compartments are reinforced, weather resistant, and accommodate larger parcels than the previous NDCBUs. Please note, your local post office must be consulted before installation due to specific placement rules.

USPS mailbox regulations state cluster mailboxes installed in all new construction and major renovations of multifamily buildings must meet STD-4C specifications. New specifications dictate minimum compartment size, parcel locker ratio, standardized tenant design, ADA compliance, and more. US Mail Supply is here to help you find the right 4C mailboxes for your building.

Toledo & Co. is an international company founded in 2003 that exports security products such as locks, padlocks, and hardware for residence and commercial spaces to different chain stores and hardware stores.

The United States Postal Service says mail stolen from mailboxes accounts for about 2 percent of identity theft.It doesn't sound like much, but you should think of your mail box like a jackpot for an identity thief." They can find social security numbers, medical records, bank account numbers you name it," said Rhonda Vanderford, the Senior Underwriter at PEMCO Insurance. "With that information they can open new accounts, rent properties, claim insurance claims."

You can buy a locking mailbox to protect your mail. PEMCO says the city of SeaTac just started a locking mailbox program. The city buys locking mailboxes in bulk, sells them to residents and sends out a city worker for installation.Keep in mind, not all locking mailboxes are the same. Some can be broken into with a screwdriver, so do your research before you buy.If a locking mailbox isn't the best option for you, there are some other things you can do to safeguard you mail." Pick up your mail as soon as it arrives if possible, but never leave your mail in the mail box overnight," said Vanderford. "If you're going on vacation have the post office hold your mail or maybe ask a neighbor to pick it up for you."Remember that less mail means less mail theft. Here are some more tips:

USPS also has a free service that sends you emails to notify you of any incoming mail.PEMCO says it is worth buying a locking mailbox, but remember no mail box is fool proof. Make sure to take other steps to protect your mail and information from being stolen.

Installing a new lock on your mailbox or replacing the one you already have is the best way to guarantee the safety of your mail. You can discover the best locks for mailboxes at Countryside Locks, where you'll also find a wide selection of other goods that are ideal for your mailbox setup.

There are numerous different scenarios in which you can find yourself in need of replacing the lock on your mailbox. Perhaps you have misplaced your key and are unsure of who else has access to your mailbox, which leaves you open to the possibility of theft. It's also possible that your lock is difficult to open, stuck, worn out, or damaged, all of which are signs that it needs to be replaced. No of the cause, you are able to improve the locks on your mailbox by selecting from our selection of replacement parts and accessories.

The variety of lockable mailbox inserts that we provide comes with a variety of pieces that simplify the installation process. Look for mailbox locks made of brass-plated steel that come with the lock and two keys, or look for solutions that have a steel lock, two keys, and many brass pins for simple installation. We also provide mailbox locks with dust covers, which serve to shield the internal pins and springs of the lock from elements such as dust and moisture that may be found in the environment. That way, you won't have to struggle to turn your keys whenever you want to view your mail. 041b061a72


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