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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Thomas White

[S2E1] The Curse Of The Black Pearl REPACK

Up against Sparrow is Geoffrey Rush's lip-curlingly evil Captain Barbossa, leader of a crew of cursed men doomed to a half-life as skeletons (they switch from men to walking bonebags whenever moonlight hits them) until they can recover the final piece of a horde of magical gold coins. A final piece which just happens to belong to Keira Knightley's tomboyish governor's daughter, Elizabeth. One kidnapping later and the bony brethren have both her and the trinket and are ready to head off to the Isle Of The Dead for some quick and bloody curse-breaking. Can Orlando Bloom's blacksmith Will (a performance that should cement his rep as a rising star) stop them? If Sparrow agrees to help him, he just might have a chance...

[S2E1] The Curse of the Black Pearl

After defeating the Underground Nation, life has been peaceful for Hari, Doori, and Shinbi. Then one day, Shinbi Apartment is filled with mysterious heavy black smoke.... Shinbi realizes that the apartment is cursed....

During the following night, Yu Ang had tossed Xu Shaoting into the transformation pool and turned him into a cursed animal creature, far stronger than normal black creatures. Yu Ang then used him to kill the girlfriend and left laughing. Mo Fan arrived only a little later to find the corpse of the girlfriend in Xu Shaoting's Arms, "She died without despair or anger". Since Xu Shaoting's soul was enslaved to Yu Ang, he asked Mo Fan to burn them both together.

The leader calls an emergency meeting with all the higher ups to try and find a way to deal with the situation until they are interrupted by a strange man, he says that he has an inside man in the black vatican, that he can tell them how to stop the attack and that he is waiting for them at a important bridge to the west of the city. Seeing no better alternative, they all move, but when they arrive the insider was already dead. The strange man reveals that this was all a trap and that the death of the insider confirms his suspicion, the leader of the attack, a red cardinal name sauron was among them and that the cardinal informed their subordinates to kill the insider. He subsequently activated a curse that will kill them all in a few hours, although there were some objections, the fact that sauron was among them was enough for most for the curse to remain. The strange man reveals that the objective of the black vatican was to create enough noise of undead to raise the Qing emperor himself from the dead, whose rise would bring down all of China.

Xin Xia was found next to the body of the candidate, covered in blood and carrying the weapon used to commit the murder with no one being in the vicinity in the temple of the goddess at the time. Pang Lai himself analysed the spirit of Xin Xia and found that her mind had not been interfered with for the duration of 72 hours. Tang Yue states that the totem snake managed to identify a second soul inside Xin Xia and that this soul is that of salan, not that Xin Xia herself is salan and that the presence of 2 souls in her body is the cause of her disability. The same kind of memory bug that was placed on Xiou Hou by Mu He was found to be on Xin Xia, which would explain why she has no memory of the activites of Salan. And finally, The Holy Sculpture managed to get a hand on one of the blood stones of Salan. When a new red cardinal is ordained by the pope of the black vatican, their blood is used to create a blood stone, a sort of ID card for the cardinal to confirm their identity. This stone is then chopped in 2 and one of them is given to the cardinal and the other half is stored somewhere secret. Xin Xia's blood was dripped on the stone and the stone itself slowly absorbed it, confirming her identity. Mo Fan still doesn't believe it as he has had a conversation with Salan not once but twice and decides to travel to greece, but before he goes tang yue hands him the mind pear and a pearl necklace.

On the beach, Mu Ningxue is greeted by Nanrong Ni and members of the mu clan, who have come to take the ice crystal bow back. When Mu Ningxue tries to draw the ice crystal bow, she finds that this time it has been sealed and she is forced back. Then one of the mages uses water magic to create a massive water tornado behind Mu Ningxue, but she uses wind magic to toss one of the other mu clan mages in the tornado and then freezes the whole thing using her much more powerful natural ice species. But eventually Mu Ningxue is pushed back in. This is until the arrival of Mo Fan in a massive meteor that shook the island. Before engaging in battle, mo fan calls for bora and begins fighting everyone still left with the exception of the mu clan representative. This causes the representative to loose it completely due to the continued interference of the both of them to the mu clan, he activates a black widow mid tier curse and sends it towards mu ning xue. This causes mo fan to be enraged and rushes towards the representative and locks him in place with void compression and then spews out high tier fire until the representative's bones have been completely turned to ash. The fight immediately stops and the rest of the mu clan affiliates immediately surrender. They are later joined by a super tier mage of ocean alliance who states that he will get to the bottom of this, but mu ning xue warns that the guy is actually an affiliate of the mu clan and mo fan orders the newly arrived Bora to give the guy some dental work. Bora subsequently activates his rule of the night and begins kicking punching out a few teeth and even manages to rip off the guys nose.

After a formal investigation, mo fan is cleared of all charges as many witnesses saw him deploy the black widow trap and activating a curse that is capable of destroying a person's soul forfeits the casters right to life and both the PR arm of the mu clan and nan clan face expulsion from the ocean alliance. While the PR clan of mu has no issue with this, the representative of the nan clan objects, stating that nan rong ni does not speak for the entire clan and that they are willing to offer compensation. While nan rong ni asks his brother what the hell he is doing, the brother replies that they shouldn't just burn any bridge they can find. As a result one of the sub clans of the mu family is kicked out of the ocean alliance and the fanxue clan receives all of the winnings of the nan clan in addition to their own.

Back at they pyramid, mo fan rejoins the group of on watching blue deacons until blue bat taps him on the shoulder and thanks him for killing purple ghost, stating that unlike him, her soul contract was with purple ghost. While mo fan feigns ignorance, blue bat walks up to unas and suddenly turns into a fountain of all to familiar black blood. While cold jue screams out "salan" and curses her name for her interference in this matter, unas dies from the poisoning and the soul contract on mo fan is lifted. Then he suddenly heard the voice of blue bat in his hears even after she's dead, she tells him that her master is quite grateful for everything that he has done and that she will be waiting to see him after the world turns its back on him. After being mildly annoyed that he was saved by none other than salan. He activates the devil blood.

After all the soldiers have evacuated and the black smoke has dissipated, the undead legions once again bear down upon the wall. But mo fan uses fire magic to single handedly hold all of them off. A medusa, who mo fan identifies as a great monarch, who leads the front, sends some of her subordinate snakes to fight mo fan but they are all killed as well. The medusa then activates her curse and the devil mo fan starts turning to stone. But Mo Fan overpowers the curse and hits the medusa with a flame attack, causing heavy injury and the medusa retreats. Then he sees the sphinx bearing down, but he suddenly stops to a halt, with mo fan believing that he prefers single combat. Then he is faced by the super mummy and his 3000 demi-commander swordsman. While mo fan sends the super mummy a few blows, the demi commanders set themselves up in squads of 100 and put their powers together to form giant black swords. These giant black swords fly towards mo fan with tracking abilities and mo fan deems these swords not inferior to the blows of the sword master yan ji fought in egypt. While mo fan manages to dodge these swords, mo fan is jumped by the sphinx and is dealt a significant injury and the wall is broken through and the undead pour in. Mo Fan then sends an ocean of fire towards the undead with the help of yan ji and begins his assault on the sphinx, to which to everyone's surprise, the sphinx is being pushed back. After sphinx is significantly injured, khufu himself sends an attack from the pyramid towards mo fan and he is defeated.

After the clock strikes midnight, the enchantment comes online and mo fan gets his spirit seal removed and then heads out to destroy the golems. He is informed on the way out that there are now 4 black golems bearing down on the city centre. Mo Fan calls out his summoning beasts, Apas and the wolf pack deal with the first, the frost wolf along with the mind mage deals with the second, yan ji deals with the third and mo fan deals with the fourth. When he reaches the golem, he lets loose his lightning claws but they barely leave a scratch. Mo Fan then resorts to using void magic to compress it towards the earth and use void magic to thrown large objects at it, until reinforcements arrive and it is taken down. After the rest of the black golems fall, the mind mage and her colleagues all start to respect mo fan until they are informed that a silver golem is bearing down on them. While none of the mages know how to deal with something like this, mo fan heads to apas, stating that now that he is a super tier mage, she should have enough power to deal with this guy. Apas quickly replies that there must be something wrong with mo fan's head, since the target is already made of rock, her signature curse won't work, but she also states that there might be another way. Since she has mind powers, she might be able to control them, but since their nature is very crude, and the fact that they use other people as batteries, she might be able to take control of the silver golem if it eats mo fan and then through her connection with mo fan, give it orders. Although he heavily objects to this process, she reminds him that this is the only way and that she will also suffer if her master were to die while they are still connected. Mo Fan accepts, but before he leaves, he sees that Apas as a bunch of red crystals, Mo Fan asks what they are but Apas refuses to answer, so mo fan confiscates half of them. 041b061a72


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