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Where To Buy Pool Fencing [TOP]

With the installation of a brand-new pool, comes the responsibility of keeping your family and others safe. Not only do pool fences look great, but in many jurisdictions the law might require you to put up a pool fence in order to protect people from accidentally slipping into the pool and drowning.

where to buy pool fencing

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When it comes to fencing options for swimming pools, there is no better choice for safety and style than an aluminum pool fence. Three of the main advantages that aluminum pool fencing offers over other types of fencing are functionality, elegance and the beauty of no maintenance.

At Fence Depot, we offer two different manufacturers to choose from: Specrail and Aluminum Fence Supply. Both suppliers have virtually identical specifications and both provide you with the quality and value you expect and demand. Your location will often determine which supplier makes the most sense for your application. All Fence Depot pool fence panels meet national B.O.C.A Pool Fence Codes, making them the best option for keeping your pool safe and up to code.

SPECRAIL is a division of Porcelen, Ltd. LLC, so you know these are high quality aluminum pool fence panels. SPECRAIL manufactures the largest selection of high quality aluminum fences for pools available! Let this company put its 50 years of experience in aluminum manufacturing to work around your pool. Together, we are able to offer a wide variety of styles and grades of pre-assembled aluminum pool fencing at unrivaled prices.

Aluminum Fence Supply provides an absolutely exceptional line of maintenance-free, powder coated residential aluminum fencing for pools. An ideal choice to compliment your pool while offering safety, boundary definition and additional value, these are top-quality fences at unbeatable prices with a lifetime warranty. Take comfort in knowing that our Aluminum Fence Supply system is guarding your pool!

When looking to purchase pool safety equipment, you should consider the factors mentioned below. Please visit each Safety Product Page and our Blog to help determine which swimming pool safety product will best fit your needs.

The cost of your pool fencing is determined by the shape, size, and installation positioning of your pool. A removable mesh safety fence to enclose an average size pool will typically cost between $1,500 and up. All materials is priced by the linear foot.

Pool Guard Texas is your solution for removable mesh safety fences, pool safety covers, and pool safety nets. All of our products provide life saving protection for swimming pools and spas. Although our pool safety equipment is so popular that it is being installed in over 26 countries, ALL of them are manufactured with pride right here in the USA.

But don't forget, that even the best swimming pool safety equipment is useless unless it is installed the right way. Our trained and certified professional installers have implemented over 75,000 pool fences and safety covers nationwide (over 40,000 in Texas alone). The ability to overcome challenging installations is the key to having a truly safe swimming pool enclosure.

Pool Fence DIY is a removable mesh pool safety fence designed specifically to keep toddlers and pets from accidentally accessing the pool. It is secure, climb resistant, removable, and made to be installed by a homeowner with some DIY experience. Drowning is the number one cause of death for children between the ages of 1 and 4 years old. We believe that every parent should be able to keep their children safe in their own home, and Pool Fence DIY allows parents to protect their children from their home's greatest threat at less than half the cost of other pool fences.

The Pool Fence DIY system includes a manual opening at no charge. Self-closing, self-latching gates are recommended by everyone from the American Academy of Pediatrics to the Consumer Product Safety Commission to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. Besides being safer, they are also MUCH more convenient. A must if you have older children who use the pool.

The Pool Fence DIY system was designed with the typical do-it-yourselfer in mind. Unlike traditional pool fencing which requires expensive, heavy-duty machinery and specialized training to put in, Pool Fence DIY can be installed by regular folks using inexpensive tools in less than a day. With our detailed installation manual, comprehensive videos, and 7-day-a-week technical support phone line, you will have everything you need to successfully install your pool fence while saving thousands of dollars, just like the thousands of other customers who have chosen Pool Fence DIY around the world.

The team at Arizona Pool Fence dedicates themselves to bringing you the best in pool safety. While nothing can take the place of constant adult supervision, statistics have shown time and time again that without additional protective measures, tragedy can and does occur, all too frequently. Our goal is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied, and we achieve this by taking pride in our work.

Our mesh pool fences are available in four or five feet heights for children and two or three-foot heights for pets. It's available in three different colors, black, brown, and our most popular desert sand. We install self-closing key lockable entry gates that use the finest Magna Latch components. Like our mesh fencing, our gates are also removable.

StyleGuard glass is about 8 times stronger than ordinary panels, made to withstand years of use without degrading. Our glass panels are always cut to the exact dimensions and patterns that suit your needs, without ever compromising strength or safety. Our glass pool fences, railings, and gates are mounted with marine-grade stainless steel hardware that is made to resist erosion and weathering, while pairing beautifully with crystal clear glass for a sleek and prestigious look. We have a variety of steel hardware and mounting apparatuses that you can choose based on factors like the location of the fence, different mounting surfaces, and your personal preference.

StyleGuard has been a mainstay of the glass pool fence and glass railing industry in the U.S. since we began. After more than a decade of service in the US, we have built an extensive network of trusted fabricators and installers throughout the country who we extend directly to our clients. These relationships have strengthened every aspect of the StyleGuard experience, allowing us to provide the best glass systems in terms of service, flexibility, and product quality. We are proud to have provided premium glass fencing and railing systems to clients in almost every US state, and we continue to expand our community every day.

Frameless glass pool fences for pools and spas are unobtrusive barriers that offer top rated safety without detracting from the natural beauty of your surroundings. StyleGuard frameless glass systems are more durable, safe, and stylish than other common pool fences, such as mesh or wire. All of our frameless pool fences are made to order and customized to match the details of any commercial or residential setting.

StyleGuard semi frameless glass pool fences come with additional hardware to compliment the structure and aesthetic of your fence. Rails and clips may be added between panels, and to the top or bottom of the system to accentuate the architecture of your fence and increase the surface area of your railing. The hardware for these pool fences can be customized, giving you a choice between the standard chrome look, or a brushed or powder-coated color finish that matches the style of your property.

The 150ft package is ideal for those with medium sized backyards and those looking to enclose a pool. If buying to install around a pool, please be sure your selected package specifications meet pool code in your area. For additional information regarding typical pool code requirements, please visit our pool fence page here. You can also see several layout options here to determine what may fit your unique space most efficiently while maintaining the desired aesthetic of your outdoor area. Keep in mind, your included gate can be placed anywhere within the fence line.

Sentry Safety Pool Fence is the premiere brand for in ground and above ground pool fencing. Our quality product line and dedication to child safety has made us the most widely sold DIY pool fence brand in the world!

Sentry Safety is a life saving product line of pool fencing solutions. We are truly dedicated to the needs of our customers specializing exclusively in the field of pool fences for homeowners, communities, recreation centers and tourist destinations. We don't offer gadgets, cleaners, chemicals etc., just a safety centric product line that provides peace of mind for the end user.

It is our goal to assist families and communities with their outdoor child safety needs. The threat of death by accidental drowning can drastically be reduced when pool fences are properly installed and used. Because of this important and necessary goal we carefully inspect each product for optimal quality and only incorporate the sturdiest materials into our line. The Sentry Safety Pool Fence whether in ground and above ground pool is design to withstand years of use and many summer seasons of dependable security!

Sentry Safety Pool Fence is the most widely sold DIY pool fence brand in the world! Our product line offers pool safety for both in ground and above ground pools. Our specialization in pool safety fencing solutions and our exclusive easy to install kits are just two of the many reasons why we are at the forefront of this industry.

In most states, the required height for a pool fence is 4.5 feet. Certain states, counties or local laws may require a 5-foot fence. Check with your municipality to see what exactly is needed for your pool.

Legally, any in-ground pool is required to be surrounded by a fence. But if your pool is in your backyard, and the yard has a fence around it, you may not need any other boundary around the pool. For above-ground pools, a fence is only required if the pool is of a certain depth. 041b061a72


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